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The LETS Directory

To give you a view of the type of services our members are offering, take a look at the LETS directory. Please note this gives no contact details, as does the version used by members.

The Local Exchange Trading System or LETS for short is part of a national and indeed international movement that provides a means of community members supporting and helping one another through trading.

The idea is simple. You have something to offer and someone else has a need. You simply exchange the need with the want, but the beauty of LETS, sometimes also called Local Exchange Trading Scheme, is that you can trade with anyone within the local group. That means you don't have to swap with just one person in the group. When you trade with another member payment is made in local "currency" the "Exe" which is banked. You can then spend your earned Exes on other trades.

For First Year

West Somerset LETS covers Minehead, Watchet, Williton, Porlock and all the villages around and about. A nominal charge of £5 per year is made for membership, although this is lower for those with limited income. When you join you will be presented with a member directory which gives details of all the things other members offer. It also says what they are looking for. This information is also available on this website in the members section. You will be able to prepare your own lists to be included in the directory. Regular newsletters add additional information. You can begin trading as soon as you like, and if you need help, our "broker" will assist and help you to find someone who has the required skill.

In addition to this there are regular meetings for members, and sometimes events at which members can trade.

To apply for membership, click on the button above.